What We Do


Host a Classic Dare to Pair

Ramen and Riesling? In-N-Out and Napa Cab? Or how about Hot Pockets with an ‘06 Syrah? Not every meal is a white tablecloth affair, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve an amazing wine pairing! Dare to Pair is an interactive food and drink experience that encourages participants to taste outside the box.

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Host a Science of Taste Workshop

Not quite ready for Cheez Whiz and Wine? Got Allergies? Start off with a classic pairing seminar and learn the science of wine pairing in a more traditional setting. Discover the nuances of your palate, and how childhood nostalgia affects even our most refined tastes.

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Custom Wine Tastings/Menu Design/Staff Training

Need help teaching your staff about wine, or balancing out a wine list? Years in the hospitality industry translating wine-speak into human-speak is a Dare to Pair specialty. We customize all of our designs to suit your needs and goals, whether that’s a rustic tasting room staff training or an example of 5-star cigar service.

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Cellar Management/Buying Services

Want to shop easy? We can help. Want to make sure you are losing bottles in your collection with time? We do that too.

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