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Dare to Pair on Good Day Sacramento: Mac & Cheese

Laura Burgess from “Laura Uncorked” is here to show us pairings that aren’t normally thought about.

Dare to Pair on Good Day Sacramento: Easter Candy

Laura Burgess is pairing your favorite Easter candies with wine to bring out the best flavor of both.

How to Dare to Pair

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of eating (and even more drinking) to find the best pairing combinations for some of the wildest foods around. From a Super Bowl inspired lineup on Real Simple,...

Girl Scout Cookies and Dry Wines

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, then you know putting wine and bizarre foods on the same table is one of my favorite hobbies. Sometimes, it works beautifully and sometimes...

Potato Chip Extravaganza

Lays is getting all sorts of crazy these days. In case you live under a rock haven’t tasted the potato chip incarnation of Siracha or “Chicken and Waffles,” here’s a teaser of these creative flavors: After...

Hot Pocket Extravaganza

In an effort to continue cooking sans a hot kitchen this season, I’ve moved my culinary endeavors from the grill to the America’s most versatile appliance, the microwave. Though it’s fallen from grace with...

Bacon Edition

I couldn’t resist bringing Dare to Pair back to NYC when I visited last month, and what better excuse to indulge on wine and bacon then vacation? Sadly, the venerable tasting panel discovered that most...

Grilled Cheese

It’s been awhile since I got the daring gang together (and brought enough wine to make the pairingsreally daring), and what’s better on a long President’s day weekend than putting wine with one of America’s...