The Story

About me

I’m LauraCertified Sommelier, edible adventurer, and drinks enthusiast with a zest for life

I’m usually on some type of adventure (or planning my next one), and I’m equally excited whether it brings me down the street or to a remote corner of the globe. It’s that adventurous spirit that led me to develop and design the Dare to Pair model for food and beverage pairings of all types.

As a Certified Sommelier, I gained the knowledge of how food and drink work together in scientific and practical terms. I channelled that training and experience with me when I transitioned from full-time restaurant work to writing and event design, and quite happily discovered that food and wine intersect in nearly every industry. Whether I’m drinking a Bordeaux at a 4-Star restaurant, or washing down a Hot Pocket with icy Riesling in leggings, I believe that each experience is an opportunity to learn more and have fun.

From patios, bars, and boardrooms I strive to turn everyday drinking into a deliciously memorable experience. Food and drink form central moments in our lives, and I believe the more we can experiment and discover with food, the more we cultivate curiosity elsewhere. Yes, even if that means trying Buffalo wings with white wine instead of beer. I dove headfirst into full-time drinking 2011 after spending six months in Italy, where I explored vineyards and tasted everything from high-end Brunello to 1 Euro boxed wine. Since then, I’ve worked in bars, retail stores, classrooms, vineyards, resorts, a Portuguese winery, and even as a private sommelier aboard an antique sailboat.

Currently, I spend most of my time sharing and drinking wines from California’s emerging wine regions El Dorado and Amador Counties. I also dabble in winemaking and help out in vineyards whenever I can. In between, I write about the intersection of food, wine, and the pleasures of overindulgence for various publications.
No matter what’s on the table you can have a fantastic wine pairing, if you dare.